Proponent: BHP Billiton

The Project

BHP Billiton has received approval from the Commonwealth, South Australian and Northern Territory governments to significantly expand its mining and processing operations. The terms of the approval and conditions on development are published in the SA Government Gazette and through announcements by the Commonwealth and Northern Territory governments.

BHP Billiton announced in August 2012 plans to consult with the Government on adopting an alternative, less capital-intensive design for the open pit expansion that would involve the use of technologies to substantially improve the economics of the project. For further information, refer to a statement by the Premier.

BHP Billiton’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

On 1 May 2009, the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) prepared by BHP Billiton for its proposed Olympic Dam expansion was released for public consultation for a period of 14 weeks. The consultation period ended at 5pm on 7 August 2009.

The EIS describes the project and why it is needed; the potential environmental, social, cultural and economic issues that might arise during the project’s construction, operation and eventual closure; and how these issues would be managed. The submissions received from the public and government agencies were circulated to the SA, NT and Australian governments, and to BHP Billiton.

BHP Billiton’s Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)

BHP Billiton has prepared a response to those submissions. This response document, also called the Supplementary EIS, has now been released publicly. The response document includes amendments to the Draft EIS and flags changes to the original proposal in response to issues raised.

Assessment reports by the Australian, South Australian and Northern Territory Governments

The three governments will each produce an Assessment Report , which will be used to make a final decision on the development application. The South Australian Assessment Report is now available. The decisions by the Commonwealth, SA and NT Governments will be published in the relevant Government Gazettes, on this website and via relevant media outlets. There are no appeal rights against the decision for either the community or BHP Billiton.

Concurrent to this process, a separate consultation process was conducted in relation to the Roxby Downs and Environs Development Plan Amendment (DPA). The DPA describes the land use policy and zoning changes proposed to enable:

  • the rezoning of land to allow Roxby Downs township to expand
  • the establishment of a new temporary workers’ village for up to 10,000 people
  • the establishment of a new airport.

The DPA is a South Australian Government process only, with consultation conducted by the SA Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC) on behalf of the South Australian Minister for Urban Development, Planning and the City of Adelaide.

News Release: SA Government and BHP Billiton Sign Olympic Dam Deal (Premier Mike Rann and Kevin Foley, Minister Assisting the Premier with the Olympic Dam Expansion Project).

News Release: Environmental Approval for Olympic Dam Expansion (The Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP, Minister for Mineral Resources Development).

News Release: Olympic Dam Mine Expansion Approved (The Hon. Tony Burke MP Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities).

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